The Cloister

The marvellous cloister of San Lorenzo, completely closed and air-conditioned with capacity for a 300 people banquet or a 500 people cocktail party, runs around an extraordinary 400 year old box shrub and represents a completely versatile space where a wide variety of events can be held: ceremonies, banquets, conferences, fashion shows, cocktail parties, meetings, exhibitions, concerts, commercial presentations, showrooms…

Its exclusive use as a chill-out space with leather armchairs, warm carpets, enveloping music, lit by hundreds of candles is one of the most popular options asked by the clients of San Lorenzo.

Its interior box shrub’s allegoric design constitutes one of the most prominent and oldest symbolic-religious garden landscapes of Spain.

The Halls

San Lorenzo has 4 situated on the same floor and perfectly communicated between each other halls as well as a cloister which can be used either together or separately, with great versatility of purposes and distributions (banquet style, school style, theatre style, clear…)

The Tapestries Hall, where one can appreciate the XVII century Flemish tapestries and a gorgeous Andalusian mosaic coffered ceiling, is one of the most enchanting places of the Pazo. The adjacent Noble Hall with its more sober appearance stands out for its masonry walls made of traditional Galician granite.

The Old Refectory Hall and the Tower Hall contrast due to their renovated interior which includes complete technical and audio-visual equipment available for the celebration of any event.

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The gardens

Completely private, extensive and well-kept, they are an ideal place for aperitifs, ceremonies or open-air concerts.

Its pleasant chill-out zone adjacent to the halls of the Pazo, equipped with comfortable armchairs arranged under pergolas, offers the possibility to enjoy a drink or a pleasant conversation enveloped by the beauty of this centenary garden.

The church

The magnificent church of San Lorenzo declared an Asset of Artistic-Cultural Interest and with a seating capacity of 350 people is open for worship and can be used to celebrate liturgical acts, weddings, communions as well as concerts, recitals, presentations or conferences, to which this extraordinary beauty gives an air of exceptionality.